Public Art

Make Your Mark

The greatest joy in making art is seeing other people respond to it. Early on in my journey as a painter, I wanted to find ways for my work to be public. In 2014 I embarked on a project to create a piece that would be made up of brush strokes from people from all walks of life. The subsequent piece was painted by 7,500 hands.

Public art

MasterPeace at Bankside

Created with fellow artists Samir Malik and Teakster, thousands of people came together to create this meadow of peace in London


Live painting at Muslim Lifestyle Show

A live painting during the Muslim Lifestyle Show, later auctioned with proceeds going to charity.


Brent Cross

Large scale participatory art piece to celebrate Eid, later used to decorate their multi-faith prayer rooms.



Created pieces after the Manchester Arena bombing and the Westminster Bridge attacks to commemorate victims, auctioned for charity.