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This series is based on my most well-known painting, Diversity,  which was created to examine the power of the Holy Ka’abah in attracting worshipers from all 4 corners of the globe. The premise of this is very simple - a Holy Ka’abah surrounded by a multitude of brush strokes, layered one of top of another and in many different colours to denote the diversity of the worshippers. 


Tawaaf - A visual exploration of Pilgrimage

This series of richly textured paintings highlight the tension between the overwhelming power of the holy site and the irresistible magnetism that pulls believers towards Mecca. Like an exploding supernova radiating millions of years of energy, the Ka’abah absorbs 1500 years of worship and reflects that energy back on the pilgrims of today. 



Pilgrimage is the great leveller, an experience that strips us back to the barest of our humanity and exposes our fundamental differences and our fundamental similarities.The Pilgrimage series is a pre-cursor to the Diversity series. The purpose of this series was to examine the journey of pilgrimage to the House of God and examines not just the physical journey of pilgrims to the Holy Kaabah, but also the power of the mental and emotional journey which every pilgrims experiences when embarking upon the Hajj or Umrah. 



Having trained as a graphic designer, I have always sought to explore Islamic art through the medium of digital art. Digital art is an art form in it’s own right and requires no less skill or level of expertise. I have sought to push the boundaries of contemporary Islamic art through this medium to create what is hopefully a series of thought-provoking work suitable for spaces with a more modern feel. 



Though my art is very visual, the purpose has always been to initiate thought, contemplation and conversation. The Meditation series is specifically to examine the more spiritual and introspective elements of Islam, incorporating aspects of Sufism and exploring the power of dhikr and divine remembrance. 



Domed buildings usually in the form of mosques are of central importance to Muslims all over the world. The Domes Series echoes the significance of not just physical structures, but their symbolic meaning to followers of the Islamic faith. 



Though I am not a traditional calligrapher, I have tried to capture verse and the word of God in my own way and in my own style.